Tuesday, April 02, 2002

since that the laboratory of the computer is above of closed / closed below it is starting to look at as I will have that to go someplace more to function mine errands / is leaving mine errands to function its proper course microphone I am going remix " better of the one than... " and pô it on both the sides ratios: I remember it to sound good, but not more for much time, and stephanie is not interested too much anymore in this type of the design. a shame, but we will see what he happens, not we? ed raised!

these trousers, which I had on for three day and which is something to say even nobody has considered and which people, which I really explained, do not worry. it is simpler for me, this with articles of clothes, than doing it with music is I knows people, those to the same Song over and over to hear can again however not I.

in the time, which takes it you, around this, someone to read in your city, has pleased sleeping thing on a couch, much in the way that I did the other night to be waked up am many simpler, from a couch, than her from a bed am in the time, which lasts it me to the play with the shears consider I all small not desirable marks in the carpet and the furnace is ready for use. Bye.

I cannot let questions swim into a way past. possibly must I at all another answer to " cash or examination? ", is one alright question, and tomorrow are again warm you.

it seems a little merry that I spread this card, in order to possibly transmit your way, if I comes this way on some short days, which were I yesterday there. I think that kenneth says well patchen: "the only case, in which I laughed at all strong with grandma, were, when he received his ear, that was intercepted in the gate of the drawer",

I received a piece of misleading post office today from you, thought sump I the fact that it could give somewhat internal but at my confusion did not give it no nice photo of you, however and a buffet. Hawaii is not a place, thereby a recent thing the whole expanded ocean loses itself expands outside as a unwalkable desert and blue.

this card has arrived in your postal cassette, after that it had travelled over the country to the bags and the LKWAS and superficial and with an amount of cards and the similarly colorful envelopes and inscatolasse stirred chocolate purified and enjoyed on a determined travel over the Ohio, nest LED this card close to a case au5$erordentlich that the odore odore can you still it? in order to explain to you
a secret small, this card was really white woman, when I would transmit it, but account on the postino in some place in order to color around to its other color like those, that I have pointed out, like that it had seen, " on sixty minuteren in order making",

renovations great is occurring in the office where I work more per some weeks but more graduation leaves says me to it something and the future: I am a little nervous and scared exactly. the time really was hurried above but I know that one I do not matter what, SOMETHING will happen. I am trying to apply in all the practical ways. if you he will be these three years busy has, I v I do not eat we we always had
the time to communicate itself back and forth.

today, while I sat there, i did not intercept itself once trying to thiink the nonsense of words, the anybody thought beforehand probably at all on says had fugglermungie is the word I meant on. They cords could say that there, also and then we the only three people, to have done at all in such a way are. it is a good thing that the following week is the locking week for this project: I run from things for saying.

in this space it is highest time for a vacuum cleaner or a desk almost everything these cards possibly formed I a kneeling and hunched more rueber on the floor I has a desk, but it is in a space, in which there is no music system except " totals too " system, which I use rarely. at the moment tanze I to the red Krayola, a Swellzeit, and is a dishonor, which is you not here, but I estimate that your sister soon is.

**time-out** ** time out ** I not know if this card have any thing do also like fast it its east term termination, but d lock day have arrive obvious before schedule d sky seem rainy smell d firewood coal and hear d tone of d structure (d building new alive fence where). rodgers nonuniform of d jimmie can now protect to me.


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