Friday, October 31, 2003

The october weekend in iowa

The trees were beautiful, w/ lots of red.
Some were red only on one side, as if burned by the sun.
The new road is almost complete.
The gas stations on the old road might be hurt by this.
I made some lucky shots at the pool table.
Brian told a joke w/ the punchline "not sixty eight more times!"
Andy played XTC in his car.
He informed me that "science friction" was a bonus track.
The bonus tracks were in the middle.
The service at Country Kitchen was slow.
The food was not hot.
The wedding was not far from Grant Wood's american gothic house.
Mark was losing a lot of moisture.
Saturday could not have been better, weather-wise.
The pianos were a little out of tune (at the church and at home).
Songs were sung by all.
The history channel took a break from WWII to show a program about medieval siege machines.
Tara and Amber drove down from Riverside.
We danced to Guns 'n' Roses, Bee Gees, The Clash, and the Chicken Dance.
And the hokey pokey.
Brad was nervous about the toast.
The frosting on the cake was like delicious rubber.
The groom's toast was perfect, not surprisingly.
Did grandma bring her blue purse?
Grandpa was unhappy w/ his golf game, but happy about most everything else.
Andy, Mike and me riding in the back of Brian's pick-up truck back from the bowling alley.
Sunday night is league night; don't even bother.
What's so funny about ordering a blended margarita and fried ice cream?
Def Leppard was a good band at first, according to Andy.
Alexis was quite happy w/ the Francis Cabrel cd.
The stupid tuxedo place does not open until 10.
The church was Pentecostal, not Episcopalian as first reported.
Things are funny if spoken in a loud voice.
"Uh-oh," said Maddie.
The single girls fought over the bouquet.
the single boys moved away from the garter.
Clarissa and I walked too fast out of the church.
Brad played Miles Davis in his car.
There were armies of boxelder bugs.
There were many species of birds doing some last minute poking around.
Grandma and I both prefer candid shots to posing.
Is it better for the team who beat the Cubs to win or lose the world series?
I don't miss the open country side and the corn fields.
Sunday night in Ottumwa... the same old problem.
Brian will be in a country band this winter, crowding around the radiator.
The new road is almost complete.


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