Friday, October 15, 2004

This or that boat

Another translation, this one posted by a Portugeuse radio station:

"What will have taken Anger Kaplan, figure of nose of the Yo La Tengo, to relate that "it will never be possible to say the sufficient concerning the The Scene Is Now" and to prove this its admiration when including a version of "Yellow Sarong" in one of the registers of its group? Perhaps the quandary of Kaplan is the same that we face now, when writing these lines...

Having 1982 as year of foundation and with only 6 albums in its discografia, the The Scene Is Now had always kept considerable distance relatively to musical chains, one more barren than others, that had been crossing its contemporaneidade, occupying a priveligiada position of comment and never yielding to the temptation of apanhar this or that boat. E the truth is that if they have known to keep to the part, being built a solid passage, marked for one strong personality, a recurrent talent to write songs and the apelativo charm of exclusive only parts e.

Where it musically consists the identity of the The Scene Is Now? Perhaps in a naive amadorismo that is transparent in the melódicas transposições of the influences Bell-Soviets of Phil Dray. Or in the influence politics of its line of leftist-chic thought. Who knows in the esgaseadas guitars that tear the specter, then in the superior layer of the constructive juxtapositions that build its way of composition. It can still be the voice, clamorous, tragic-cómica that it finishes for all giving to one faceta surreal the set. Finally, and because not, a distinct creative talent of almost all excessively.

After everything this we run the risk to come back to the starting point. E is not that Kaplan has reason?!..."


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