Wednesday, February 04, 2004

saw steve lacy and danilo perez play tonight at carnegie hall. rather at zankel hall which is in the basement of carnegie hall. they played 'flakes,' 'blinks,' 'esteem,' 'deadline,' one whose name i can't recall, and a nice 2-in-1 by danilo whose second half was 'love in five.' i hear that lacy's health is not 100%, but his playing is still confident, clear, and way above my head. well worth the thirty five dollars. before the show i was at the ticket window standing right next to someone i would have liked to talk to, but was unsure how to approach the possibility of conversation. were this a real diary i might go into the details of this story. my goal here, however, is just to record one thing that happened today in as straightforward a manner as possible.


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