Friday, November 26, 2004

Three pumpkin pies

A lovely thanksgiving at the Levi apartment, w/ Steve, Georgia, Helen, Louise, Doreen, Robbie, Chris, Lianne, & Phil. Each person received a miniature farm animal to mark his or her place at the table. Mine was a goose, and I forgot to bring it home w/ me. I had the perfect spot for it in mind: on the shelf by the railing for the stairs to the landing. Next to the dancing lemurs and the napping Mexicans, the miniature gray man and the transparent green monkey. Maybe i can get it when i see steve at band practice on sunday.

Waiting for the F at 2nd avenue (after dinner we decided to see the new Almodovar film at the sunshine), a drunk homeless man w/ tourette's syndrome approached me on the platform and was whispering something like "mike did it, mike did it." then he said, "stop it. you better stop it," before moving further down and yelling something incomprehensible. did he want me to stop reading my book? and mike, dear friend, what did you do?


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