Sunday, July 31, 2005

flyless fly

at dinner, a fly with no wings wandering around on the wall and the sugar jar. he seemed pretty relaxed and at peace with his unfortunate condition.

on the corner, some puppies on display to advertise for the pet adoption center. i thought i overheard a guy say, "yeah, they've got all their shots and they've each got a microchip. . ."

on the train, an old guy with a cart that read "psychic readings 3.00 plus donation." the three was printed on a patch and underneath was either a one or a seven. i was sitting next to him and for about twenty minutes he alternated between two actions: 1) tossing these two smooth dark-colored stonelike objects into the air and catching them again. while airborne they vibrated against each other to create an annoying buzzing sound. 2) he held a short metal rod in his right hand and with his left he pushed two semi-circular plastic ribbons (attached to the rod) up to the top. as they slowly fell, they spun around very fast creating the illusion of a sphere descending the length of the rod. he held it right over his crotch and the motions of his left hand, rhythmically nudging the sphere back to the top of the rod, could be read as rather masturbatory.

here's a photo from yesterday's cruise around manhattan island. it's the bottom of the brooklyn bridge.


Blogger Mark said...

I wonder how a fly loses his wings. You know, besides the mean kid yanking them off.

11:08 PM  
Blogger mattbrodie said...

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12:39 AM  

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