Friday, July 08, 2005

here we are, almost four months after the last post i made to this thing. i am not cut out to be a blogger, but i will keep trying. it's raining all day long and i thought it might be a good time to put something here.

played some music last night w/ Hells Hills under swirling colored lights that seemed to flash in direct and instant response to the sounds i was making w/ the guitar. i stood for a time on two chunks of rock (intended for holding drums in place) and sometimes balanced on one foot.

wrote and recorded my annual fourth of july song in about two hours monday morning, but didn't have internet access to post it that day. it'll end up soon on my other site, which has, like this one, gotten a little rotten w/ neglect over the months. it will be changed. you might not notice.

several nights in a row now of good sleeping weather. keep them coming.


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