Thursday, January 12, 2006

and this stuff was good, too

don't take the list below as a concrete reflection of how i heard the year's music. the way things sound at any given moment depends on the day, my mood, the light in the room, number of drinks consumed, other people listening, etc. and what about the thousands of releases that i didn't bother checking out because i thought the cover looked dumb or because they had song titles like "One Last 'Woo-hoo' For The Pullman"? if i were to make the list right now, it might be completely different, including some of the following:

johann johannsson: dis
lyn taitt & the jets: hold me tight
grouper: way their crept
v/a: congotronics 2
tom verlaine: warm and cool
bob brozman: songs of the volcano
boris/merzbow: sunbaked snow cave
jonathan kane: february
sound directions: the funky side of life
dengue fever: escape from the dragon house
lokai: 7 million
boubacar traore: kongo magni
dirty three: cinder
frank black: honeycomb
billy bang: vietnam * reflections
quasimoto: the further adventures of lord quas
sinistri: free pulse

so, precious reader(s?), what i'm saying is let's leave behind this list-making business for at least another eleven months or so. . . i'm tired of it. but thanks for following along.


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