Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Danger Doom "The Mouse and The Mask" (Epitaph)

ben and i agree, the best hip-hop record of the year, right here. the whole thing is just so much fun, w/ melodic samples and squiggly effects, rhymes that keep me smiling down the sidewalk or sometimes laughing out loud. there's a lot of guest spots from adult swim network characters, which if i was familiar w/ them, i'd probably get all the jokes and enjoy this even more. my favorite track right now is probably "crosshairs," built around a melancholy jazz/funk guitar loop, bouncing along with an almost somber inevitability.

first Madvillain, now Danger Doom. . . i'm crossing my fingers that next year will bring another MF Doom collaboration that is as irresistible as these two records.


bow down to her on sunday
salute her when her birthday comes
for halloween buy her a trumpet
and for christmas give her a drum

(happy birthday, L.L.)


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