Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some Lists

Five Favorite Things I First Heard In 2011

Michael Hurley - "Fatboy Spring"
Daphne Oram - "Oramics"
Sly & The Family Stone - "There's A Riot Goin' On"
Kevin Drumm - "Imperial Distortion"
William Basinski - "A Red Score In Tile"

Five Things That Actually Came Out In 2011
Tape - "Revelationes"
The Caretaker - "An Empty Bliss Beyond This World"
Tim Hecker - "Ravedeath, 1972"
Glenn Jones - "The Wanting"
Jim O'Rourke & Oren Ambarchi - "Indeed"

Five Great LPs Reissued In 2011
Supreme Dicks - "The Unexamined Life"
Supreme Dicks - "The Emotional Plague"
Talk Talk - "Laughing Stock"
Kevin Drumm - "Imperial Distortion"
Liliput - "Liliput / Kleenex" box set

Five Great Books I Read In 2011
Owen Beattie & John Geiger - "Frozen In Time"
Hampton Sides - "Hellhound On His Trail"
Robert Coover - "John's Wife"
Charles Dickens - "Our Mutual Friend"
David Grann - "The Devil & Sherlock Holmes"

Five Remarkable Places I Was Happy To Visit In 2011

Arizona - "The Grand Canyon"
Utah - "Monument Valley"
California - "Stout Grove at Jebediah Smith State Park"
New Mexico - "El Rancho Hotel" in Gallup
California - "Amoeba Records" in Hollywood


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