Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spun #2

Jean Louis
"The Solitary Man"
Village Records VS102

From the back cover:
Jean Louis, "The Solitary Man," has paid his dues as an entertainer. Born in Lewiston, Maine, Jean began his musical career as a trumpet player in his high school band. Before long he was working with local groups throughout New England. Later, during a stint with the U.S. Army, Jean got the chance to perform in Nashville's famous Printer's Alley while stationed at nearby Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. But it wasn't until after leaving the service that Jean's singing career began in earnest and "The Solitary Man" was born. After trying several day gigs he moved to New Jersey and started building a reputation in metropolitan area clubs as a singer and guitarist. Working alone, Jean's versatility in combining his guit with bass pedals and an electronic rhythm device has made him the envy of all those who aspire to become a successful one-man band.
Here, in his first album, "The Solitary Man," with an assist from some studio musicians, combines both his vocal and songwriting talents in a formula calculated to bring many hours of listening pleasure.

The album as a whole doesn't really compare to the catchy outsiderness of the title track, but it's still a pleasant collection of (relatively) lo-fi country pop tunes and seventies AOR.

Retrieve it here.


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