Sunday, July 31, 2005

flyless fly

at dinner, a fly with no wings wandering around on the wall and the sugar jar. he seemed pretty relaxed and at peace with his unfortunate condition.

on the corner, some puppies on display to advertise for the pet adoption center. i thought i overheard a guy say, "yeah, they've got all their shots and they've each got a microchip. . ."

on the train, an old guy with a cart that read "psychic readings 3.00 plus donation." the three was printed on a patch and underneath was either a one or a seven. i was sitting next to him and for about twenty minutes he alternated between two actions: 1) tossing these two smooth dark-colored stonelike objects into the air and catching them again. while airborne they vibrated against each other to create an annoying buzzing sound. 2) he held a short metal rod in his right hand and with his left he pushed two semi-circular plastic ribbons (attached to the rod) up to the top. as they slowly fell, they spun around very fast creating the illusion of a sphere descending the length of the rod. he held it right over his crotch and the motions of his left hand, rhythmically nudging the sphere back to the top of the rod, could be read as rather masturbatory.

here's a photo from yesterday's cruise around manhattan island. it's the bottom of the brooklyn bridge.

Friday, July 22, 2005

tide, great new taste

bought some detergent at the corner deli after a nice sunny walk from lower long island city. when i got home and took it out of the plastic bag i discover that the thoughtful deli guy also included a straw. a suggestion?

oh wait. . . now i remember i also bought a can of apple/raspberry juice. nevermind.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Spider and Bathtub

this humidity has put sleep a little but further down on my list of things to do right now, so. . . the following:

david gedge can call his band of the moment whatever he likes, but it's not The Wedding Present anymore. (this thought is a few months late, i know.)

sleep in the bathtub?

Slayer covering Minor Threat.

feels like spiderwebs on my fingers every time i come up the steps to my door.

Strozsek shooting off the fireworks.

delayed N train this morning because of a stalled train in the tunnel ahead. sitting and waiting for it to move for twenty minutes, staring at a budweiser add. walking to the next station to wait for the 7 train instead. the train i had been sitting on before pulls into the station, and the door opens to reveal the same seat and the same budweiser add, so i sit down again. since the walk through the hot morning sun was unnecessary, i try now to think of anything that came of it. almost hit by a truck?

listening to mike's vinyl copy of "project mersh" in asheville. listening to the cd right now in headphones. not the same.

a window breeze,

hypnotize a hen by putting her head on the ground and drawing a straight line w/ chalk projecting out from the point of her beak. also, get the leader of a caterpillar procession to change direction and follow the one in the back of the line, and they will go around in a circle until exhausted. thank you, herzog.

strange hole appears in tomato overnight. perfect peaches.

tiny spider w/ a little web in the corner of my windowsill. i tell him he might as well try fishing in the bathtub. he doesn't think it's funny. or he doesn't hear me (i'm whispering).

another breeze.

could you possibly be reading this and not know about my other site, where i have a new Fourth of July song? it's one of the few traditions i keep from year to year: wake up and make a new song for my favorite holiday.

trying to remember january in the middle of july isn't so easy.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Plus and Balls

"We learn the number 'one.' Then we think we know the meaning of the number 'two,' because 'one' plus 'one' equals 'two.' But we are mistaken, since we do not know what 'plus' means."

Or something like that. I saw Alphaville today, and that's a bit of dialogue that I've been thinking about the most. Maybe because it was one of the few moments where i could read several subtitles in a row. This film could really benefit a non-french speaker like myself by having yellow subtitles, or a less pure white at the bottom of the frame all the time.

also visited a batting cage today and swung a bat at some balls for the first time in years. no home runs, but a few base hits and maybe a double once in a while. strangely enough, it seemed like something i could get into. not because of the sporting aspect, but because i'm attracted to the simple repetition and rhythm. almost like meditation. broken only by the frustration of missing the ball entirely, which doesn't bother me too much.

Oh, IMDB has the actual quote I was trying to remember above: Once we know the number one, we believe that we know the number two, because one plus one equals two. We forget that first we must know the meaning of plus.

Friday, July 08, 2005

here we are, almost four months after the last post i made to this thing. i am not cut out to be a blogger, but i will keep trying. it's raining all day long and i thought it might be a good time to put something here.

played some music last night w/ Hells Hills under swirling colored lights that seemed to flash in direct and instant response to the sounds i was making w/ the guitar. i stood for a time on two chunks of rock (intended for holding drums in place) and sometimes balanced on one foot.

wrote and recorded my annual fourth of july song in about two hours monday morning, but didn't have internet access to post it that day. it'll end up soon on my other site, which has, like this one, gotten a little rotten w/ neglect over the months. it will be changed. you might not notice.

several nights in a row now of good sleeping weather. keep them coming.