Saturday, September 03, 2005


the traffic light at the corner of crescent and 39th avenue, just down the hill from me, is stuck on red and yellow. red for the people coming up 39th and yellow for the people zooming down crescent. i sat on my bike and watched for a while to see what would happen: the hesitation approaching the yellow, and the eventual lawlessness of driving through the red. i imagine this sort of thing happens once in a while, but i have certainly never seen it before.


Blogger Mark said...

Years ago, at the intersection of 34 and 63 (you know the place), my mom and my little brother were waiting for the light to turn green.

Well, it finally did turn green, but so did all the other lights. My mom got through, but there was at least one big collision because of the malfunction, and quite a few screeching tires.

I've never really trusted signals since.

4:48 PM  
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