Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sounds of The First Decade

Here are eleven albums from the first decade of this century that I like a whole lot. I'm not going to write about them, because I usually find the task of writing about music to be rather difficult and a little silly when I reread it. If you're like me, you like surprises, so investigate these on your own and hopefully you'll discover a fresh thing or two that delights your ears. I wouldn't be making this list if I didn't love all of these recordings very much. (In no particular order. . . )

Peter Garland
"The Days Run Away"
Tzadik, 2000

Cast King
"Saw Mill Man"
Locust, 2005

Michael Hurley
Bellemeade Phonics, 2002

Silver Jews
"Bright Flight"
Drag City, 2001

Sunn O)))
"Black One"
Southern Lord, 2005

Profound Lore, 2005

"Endless Summer"
Mego, 2001

Mal Waldron
"One More Time"
Sketch, 2002

"Love is Love"
Dischord, 2003

Bohren & Der Club of Gore
"Black Earth"
Wonder, 2002

Derek Bailey
Tzadik, 2002


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