Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Year-End List of Sorts

These are the ten best LPs I bought this year.  And at least one of them contains music that was actually recorded this year.  If there's any sort of theme here, it might be "rediscovering the obvious."

10. Akos Rozmann - "12 Stationer VI" (Ideologic Organ)

9. Henry Purcell - "Fantasias for Viols" (EMI/Arkhiv)

8. Kowloon Walled City - "Container Ships" (Brutal Panda)

7. Fleetwood Mac - "Future Games" (Reprise)

6. Steely Dan - "Can't Buy A Thrill" (MCA"

5. John Coltrane - "Crescent" (Impulse)

4. Glenn Gould - "Bach: The Goldberg Variations" (Doxy)

3. Derek Bailey - "Domestic & Public Pieces" (Quark)

2. The Caretaker - "Patience (After Sebald)" (History Always Favors The Winners)

1. Danny Kirwan - "Second Chapter" (DJM)


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